Career Guidance

Career guidance consultant and Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) coordinator and 2 former students of TSMU were invited to give a brief description on MBBS, BDS, Nursing & MD courses in Georgia, especially  those offered by TSMU. It was a very informative session and has widened our knowledge on education in foreign countries. They distributed pamphlets and brochures on the various courses, fee structure, facilities, faculty, etc. The specialty of TSMU is as follows:

  • Founded in 1918 as a faculty of medicine. Celebrating 100 years of existence.
  • Largest Medical University in Eastern Europe.
  • Produced more than 45,000 doctors
  • 1,200 Indian students.
  • 400 UAE/ GCC resident Indian students.

They mentioned different aspects of eligibility for qualifying for the entrance of the course.After all the session was very lively, helpful,informative and helped us decide what to choose after 12th grade.

150 Years of Mahatma- Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations 2019

By KG (Morning Section)

“Anger and Intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding”. – Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi is a man who needs no introduction. A man that changed a nation and changed the world with his compassion, vision, tolerance, and patience. Mahatma Gandhi is an undying reminder of how one person can inspire a community, a nation and the world.

On 2nd October, Gandhi Jayanthi day, the KG section celebrated the theme Truth and Non- violence. We arranged an assembly in our school premises. Our honourable Principal Dr. Abdul Khader, presided over the assembly. During the special assembly, he had given an excellent narration on the importance of the day. The assembly initiated with Kirath by Faiza Jamal and Prayer by Ishani Visakh.

Children performed themes of Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba along with patriotic songs. To commemorate this function, there was dance and drama performance by the kids. Fatima Zahra of KG 2 presented her learning about Mahatma and his values towards truth and non-violence. It was followed by a patriotic dance performance by KG 2 Students. Adding to that, our respected Head of the Section Mrs. Varalakshmi explained the struggles fought by Gandhi and his achievements towards a free India.

Teachers from Kindergarten section conveyed Mahatma’s noble messages and his simple living nature with some thought provoking sign boards that enlightened the knowledge of the children. The tiny tots of KG 1 performed a dance. Kids came in with the placards that read- “See No Evil”, “Hear No Evil”, “Speak No Evil” which gave a significant message.

Finally, our respected Supervisor Mrs. Sunitha motivated the students by sharing the thoughts of Gandhiji and thanked Our Principal, HoS, Staff and students for their active participation.

GROUP ACTION SONGS (KG Section) [30-09-2019 & 01-10-2019]

Objectives: To collaborate and understand that team work wins, to know and work in groups and to work for the common course in a group . To improve listening and speaking skills, vocabulary and word understanding. To provide a platform for learning in a fun and happy manner. To develop gross motor skills.

In order to foster self esteem and build self confidence in facing the audience. To develop personal, social and emotional skills, and to develop skills in singing and learning. The Kindergarten Section at The Model School conducted Group Action Song for the students of KG 2 on 30-09-2019 and KG 1 on 01 -10- 2019. All the students participated in the competition. Kids used a variety of props in the competition which was judged by HoS and Supervisor.

For KG 1, the first prize was awarded to KG 1 H. the second to KG 1 I, and the third prize to KG 1 E and KG 1 J. For KG 2 section, the first prize was awarded to KG 2 C, the second prize to KG 2 B, and the third prize to KG 2 I and KG 2 J.