Career Guidance

Career guidance consultant and Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) coordinator and 2 former students of TSMU were invited to give a brief description on MBBS, BDS, Nursing & MD courses in Georgia, especially  those offered by TSMU. It was a very informative session and has widened our knowledge on education in foreign countries. They distributed pamphlets and brochures on the various courses, fee structure, facilities, faculty, etc. The specialty of TSMU is as follows:

  • Founded in 1918 as a faculty of medicine. Celebrating 100 years of existence.
  • Largest Medical University in Eastern Europe.
  • Produced more than 45,000 doctors
  • 1,200 Indian students.
  • 400 UAE/ GCC resident Indian students.

They mentioned different aspects of eligibility for qualifying for the entrance of the course.After all the session was very lively, helpful,informative and helped us decide what to choose after 12th grade.