Registration for admission to various classes (2020-’21) commences on Nov. 1, 2019. Parents who seek admission for their wards at The Model School are requested to register the names of their wards as per the instructions.

As a matter of fact admission cannot be guaranteed to all registrants as the registration may exceed the number of seats available. In such cases selection will be made on a lottery basis (KG classes) and on performance tests conducted by the school (all other classes). Allotment once made will be final, binding to all and no revision will be made thereafter.

All the registrations have to be made online through the school’s web site: link will be active on the dates specified for each Class/ Grade. Take printout of the attachment that will be sent to the e-mail and submit the signed copy in the office, within the prescribed date & time.

Applications submitted after the specific date, incomplete, showing wrong / incorrect information, etc. will summarily be rejected.

Please obtain the details from the website. For any other related information please contact 02 5527200.

Dates for registration and submission of forms:

The website will be open for registration as per the following schedule.

Please make the registration online and submit the signed forms as per the dates specified.

Class / Grade Dates for online registration Dates for submission of forms
Kindergarten (KG I ) November  01 to November 07 November  06 to November 12
Kindergarten ( KG II) November 06 to November 10 November  06  to November 12
Class / Gr. 1- 4 November  10 to November 15 November  13 to November 18
Class / Gr. 5-7 November  16 to November 20 November  19 to November 24
Class / Gr. 8 (Kerala Board) November  16 to November 20 November  19 to November 24
Class / Gr.11 November  16 to November 20 November  19 to November 24

Please Note:-

  1. Registration is not available for classes not mentioned in the list.
  2. Registration forms will be accepted during working hours only, i.e. 08.00 am to 04.00 pm on working days. Forms will not be accepted on Fridays and Saturdays and other holidays.
  3. In case of Siblings or staff’s child the parent must select the Admission type as siblings or staff and enter correct admission number or employee code.
  4. Please use gmail address to get acknowledgment mail.Missing mails, please check your spam/Junk folder.
  5. Any attempt to fill more than one form for one child will result in his /her disqualification for admission.
  6. For any technical support please mail to: [email protected]

Conditions for Admission

  1. The children seeking admission to K.G – 1 class must complete 4 year of age on or before 31st July 2020
  2. The Lower age limit for KG -2 is 5 years as on 31st July 2020
  3. The child must have a valid residence visa and Emirates ID card. The child must be physically present at the time of admission.
  4. The child’s original Birth Certificate (duly attested) and original passport with valid visa are to be produced at the time of admission.
  5. All students have to learn all subjects/Languages specified by the Education board and the Ministry of Education, ADEK.
  6. Parents of children with learning disabilities (SEN), if any, shall have to bear the expense for providing additional support to the children.
Class/Grade Age as on 31st July 2020
KG-1 4 years
KG-2 5 years
GRADE-1 6 years

Selection process & schedule

Please find the schedule for selection for admission to various classes for the next academic year

  • Draw for admission to KG1 (Sibling & General Categories) will be held at 10.00 a.m. on Tuesday, 19th
  • Draw for admission to KG2 (Sibling & General Categories) will be held at 10.00 am on Wednesday 20th
  • Selected list will be published on the website.
  • Draw will be taken in public. Those who are interested can witness the selection.

Please Note:-

  1. Selection for admission to KG is on lottery basis. The list will be final and no change will be made on any circumstances. The allocation cannot be exchanged with any other candidate.
  2. Selection to Grade 1 & above is based on the performance in the selection test.
  3. Registration for all the tests will start 01.00 hr before and closes 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the test. Late comers will not be allowed to write the test.
  4. Retest will not be conducted.
  5. Original ID of the student has to be produced for attending entrance test.
  6. Selection test for students from outside UAE will be conducted by the end of March/ beginning of April, 2020. The dates will be announced one week prior to selection test.
  7. Dates of admission will be announced through website. Selected candidates & parents should report with the proper documents on the specific date and time.
  8. Wait – listed candidates will be called subjected to availability of seats upon the completion of admission from the main list.
  9. Please follow the information available in the website. Kindly avoid enquiries related to position, seat vacancy etc. Such queries will not be entertained.
  10. The selection will become void in the following conditions:
  11. Absence on date of admission
  12. Incomplete/improper documents or difference in the documents & the information provided during registration.
  13. Non payment of fees within two days of admission offer.

Schedule for admission to KG classes:

Sl. No: Section Selection Publication of selection list
1. KG1 ( General Category) 19.11.2019  10.00 a.m. 21.11.2019
2. KG 1 ( Sibling Category) 19.11.2019  10.00 a.m. 21.11.2019
3. KG 2 ( All) 20.11.2019  10.00 a.m. 22.11.2019

Selection test from Gr.1 and above (for students presently studying in UAE)

Sl. No: Section Entrance Exam
1. Grade 1 & 2 Saturday, 23rd Nov. 2019   

09.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

2. Grade 3 to 8 Saturday, 07th Dec.2019

 09.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

3. Grade 11 (CBSE) Saturday, 14th Dec. 2019

08.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. Science

11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Maths



The syllabus followed in the last class of study, i.e., Test for admission to Grade 2 will be based on the syllabus of Grade 1 and so on.

Tests will be conducted on three papers; English, Maths and Science/ EVS.

Students should bring their own stationary (pen, pencil..Etc). Answer sheets will be provided from the school.

Entrance Examination Portions