The school has four sections – Pre-Primary (Kindergarden and preparatory), Primary – (I to VII), Secondary (VIII – X) and Higher Secondary (XI and XII).
The Model School, Abu Dhabi provides opportunities for the students to improve their skill in listening, speaking, reading and writing by conducting seminars, group discussions, debates, exhibitions etc.
Here excellence is valued and each academically gifted student is moulded to measure up to their full potential. By conducting class tests, monthly tests and Terminal Examinations, teachers and parents can actually keep track of the performance of their children.
The school offers a world class environment for imparting education and enhancing creative development of the students. Apart from our well-stocked library with its exhaustive collection, video shows, presentations and Audio-visual aids are also part of the training process here. All carefully designed to fully support and enhance every student’s academic experience.
With a well-equipped lab, library and highly sophisticated computer lab, The Model School, Abu Dhabi has become a benchmark for other schools in UAE.  

We congratulate all the students who brought fame to NIMS group of schools and especially to Abu Dhabi School.