Registration for transport service
All students who require the services of the operator shall apply in a prescribed form available on our website. Click here to download.All asterisk (*) marked columns must be filled up.

Fees payment

Once the application form / online registration are accepted, student will make payment of fees based on the fee structure applicable for the school. (approved fee structure as per ADEC)

Transport fee is applicable and charged for three terms in an academic year, in case of new admissions during the term, full rate for the month will be charged from the start date of service.

Following options are given to parents for payment of fees:
1. Cash at the counter in the school
2. Cheque in favour of ‘THE MODEL SCHOOL’, to be submitted to the cash counter in the school. Please note, transport service can be availed only on clearance of the cheque.
There will be no discount if any student opts to use the service only one way
Direct Payment by Companies: In case of direct payment of transport fee to the operator by the parent’s Companies it should be informed at the time of registration.
 The Companies should be advised to make the payment latest by the month preceding the start of the term failing which the service will be declined.

Transportation procedures

  • In order to avail the transport service, parents must contact the school office.
  • While considering the request for a change of location / route, bus facility will be provided subject to availability of space in the bus.
  • Once the school notifies the transportation department, in most cases it takes 1 or 2 days to begin bus service for any new student /address not on an existing bus route.
  • This allows sufficient time to evaluate the safety of the stop and revise bus stop times.
  • Transportation cannot be provided to any student until notice has been received from the school.
  • To make a change to bus service, the parent /guardian must notify the school -not the driver or the transportation department.
  • All students are to be their assigned stop five minutes prior to the designated pick up time to ensure that they will be ready to board when the bus arrives.
  • The bus driver has a schedule to maintain and cannot wait for students who are late.
  • For the safety of kindergartners, the driver must see a parent / guardian before allowing the students to get off the bus.