Math Club Inauguration 2019-20


On October 13th, 2019, Math Club of the Model School, Abu-Dhabi, forenoon section was officially inaugurated. The aim of the event was to spread awareness about the practical use of Math and to inculcate love for Math as a subject, in students. Mr. Aslam, the senior faculty of Abu-Dhabi Indian School was invited as the chief guest. Our Principal Dr.V.V.Abdul Kader, the Head of the Section Dr.Haseena Beegum, Supervisor Mrs. Renu, the Head of the Math Department Mrs. Sini, Maths teachers and all Math Club members were in attendance.

The event was hosted by the Head Girl, Ms. Fedha Fathima and the prayer was recited by
Ms. Husna. It was followed by a welcome speech by Ms. Akshara, which created a positive vibe among the audience. The event was inaugurated and the felicitation given by the honorable chief guest, Mr. Aslam and the Principal. Mr. Aslam, who spent 36 years immersed in the field of Maths gave words of encouragement to the young minds. Afterwards, the presentation on the topic ‘Math is a Universal Language’ was exhibited by the club coordinators Ms. Zainab and Ms.Saakkiyya. They elaborated on the various fields Maths has a presence such as architecture, arts, culinary and so on. Ms. Faiha made the audience acquainted with the easier ways to do Maths. Mrs. Sini expressed her appreciation towards the members for making the event more special with their presence. Finally, vote of thanks was given by Ms. Rinshi.

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