Shapes & Pattern Day

To build awareness of basic shapes.
To identify and differentiate different 2D and 3D shapes.
To acquire the knowledge of the number of sides and corners.
To develop their creativity, critical thinking and gross motor skills.
To identify what a pattern is and predict what should come in the next patterns.
To recognize, describe, build, add patterns and create patterns of their own.
To identify, describe, extend a repeating relationship found in common objects, sounds, movements.

The teachers pointed out the different shapes in everyday situations which was really nice because all the children got the opportunity to look around them and tried to find out similar shapes in the surroundings of their school premises. Kids were thrilled to recognize different shaped things in the corridor such as photo frame, bulletin board, clock, etc. Children were given clues and shown were various objects. They were asked to guess the name of the shapes.

Each class was allotted with a particular colour and shape such as circle, square, triangle, rectangle, heart, star, oval, etc. Each child was given a shape placard and they all participated with great enthusiasm in the shapes parade. The kids enjoyed holding and waving the shapes and marching around the school premises. It was a pleasant sight to watch.

They were provided various opportunities to interact with other students of different classes to discuss on the topic shapes. To add to this, the kids also learnt the shapes pattern by playing different games. The kids also understood the concept of patterns through different strategies by using shape placards, various objects, boys and girls, coloured chairs to understand the AB, AB,…. A, BB,….. ABC, ABC,….. AA,BB,C…… AA,B….. pattern.

This parade was able to help children to learn basic properties of simple geometrical figures and patterns in a play-way method, for all the students and it was fruitful and a huge success.

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