1. To instill a positive attitude towards learning as an immediate enrichment of life and as preparation for further education.
  2. To orient each child individually through the educational process, so that he can reach the fullest potential.
  3. To provide instruction in the core academic areas such as languages, Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science, and Islamic Education.
  4. To provide each child with opportunities to discover and foster interests and talents in the arts and other non-academic areas.
  5. To impart character traits, trust, dependability,honesty and decency through precept and example.
  6. To guide each child in the development of interpersonal relationship in the school, at home and in the society.
  7. To foster realistic understanding and appreciation of the culture of India, host country (U.A.E) and all foreign countries and to develop in the children sense of materials respect, love, friendship and universal brotherhood.