Arabic Assembly by KG Section

To promote Arabic, the official language of UAE among the students, a special assembly was conducted in our school premises by our KG kids on 21st January 2020. It is important to know the language and the culture of the country we live. Arabic plays an important role in Islamic faith because it is the language of the Holy Quran. Through this assembly, we introduced the Arabic alphabet and the names of colors in Arabic to the students. The assembly commenced by seeking the blessings from the Holy Quran by reciting Kirath and prayer by the students. Our HoS, Mrs. Varalakshmi, addressed the gathering with her encouraging words. A short description about Arabic language was given by one of our staff members of the section.

A scenario of a classroom and a short conversation between the teacher and students was created. The children were dressed up in different colours representing the Arabic alphabets and they danced to the song. It was wonderful to see the kids presenting different colors on the stage. The energy of the performers was spectacular. The young audience cheered up the performers and enjoyed thoroughly.

The programme was organized under the guidance of Islamic teachers. It was an informative assembly for the students. Our Supervisor thanked the students for their active participation. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem of the UAE.

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