Objective –

To know and familiarize the flowers with colors, uses, fragrances and to know their
To develop the communication skill and creativity in children.

Flowers Day was celebrated on 16/09/2019. The tiny tots
of KG Section participated with full zest and enthusiasm.
A special assembly was conducted by the students on this
occasion. The day started with Kirath followed by Prayer.
Kids were very excited to see the different varieties of
flowers like Rose, Jasmine, Sunflower, Lotus and
participated in various activities.

They also brought pictures and were able to describe about
flowers in sentences. There was an interactive session
asking the students about the colour, fragrance, uses of
flowers, etc. Show and tell activity helped in improving their
vocabulary while drawing, painting and making different
flowers helped in enhancing their creativity.

Kids were shown a video on the topic. Students enjoyed a lot
and were able to learn about the types of flowers, their colors,
their fragrances and their importance.

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