Objectives: To collaborate and understand that team work wins, to know and work in groups and to work for the common course in a group . To improve listening and speaking skills, vocabulary and word understanding. To provide a platform for learning in a fun and happy manner. To develop gross motor skills.

In order to foster self esteem and build self confidence in facing the audience. To develop personal, social and emotional skills, and to develop skills in singing and learning. The Kindergarten Section at The Model School conducted Group Action Song for the students of KG 2 on 30-09-2019 and KG 1 on 01 -10- 2019. All the students participated in the competition. Kids used a variety of props in the competition which was judged by HoS and Supervisor.

For KG 1, the first prize was awarded to KG 1 H. the second to KG 1 I, and the third prize to KG 1 E and KG 1 J. For KG 2 section, the first prize was awarded to KG 2 C, the second prize to KG 2 B, and the third prize to KG 2 I and KG 2 J.

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