God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world.
Accurate measurement of times and distances is very important in the Olympic
Games. Races have been won by as little as a thousandth of a second. You are
going to investigate some small things that might have an important influence on
who wins a Gold medal. As is often the case when mathematicians use
mathematics to understand the world, we need only very simple calculations but
we have to search out some of the pieces of information that we need and be able to
make a simple estimate of the answer in order to get a good idea about whether it
is worth doing a more detailed calculation.

The main aim was to check the speed,accuracy and advanced numeracy skills of our
students in Mathematics. More over to develop the ICT skill of our students, we
conduct MARATHON as an online test. Through this students problem solving
skill was developed as a curriculum objectives. Grades 2 students participated in
the contest.


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