Field Trip by KG Section – Forenoon Shift

Field trips are conducted to study something at first hand. As a part of our curriculum, students of KG 1 were taken to the Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi on 25th January 2020, to know and learn more about the topic through observation. Most of the students from KG 1 divisions joined the field trip. Each class was assisted by two teachers.

Kids from each class were divided into different groups according to the names of animals. They were given badges and their teacher also kept the same animal picture in hand. It was to ensure the safety of students. Kids were very excited to go to the zoo. The guides in the zoo provided a lot of information to the kids about the different kinds of animals there. Kids saw the world’s largest and smallest monkey species, a variety of crocodiles, snakes, tortoise, and iguana. It was for the first time the children see these animals which they had seen only in pictures.

The guides distributed grass to the kids to feed animals like camel, giraffe, donkey, etc. The students were very happy to
feed the animals. They also saw birds like peacock, duck, flamingo, falcon, vulture, etc. They were fortunate enough as they got a chance to see the amazing peacock dance! Then they saw tiger, white tiger, lion, zebra, elephant, cheetah, Arabian Oryx etc. After seeing the entire zoo, our students thanked the guides and left with beautiful memories. It was a fantastic field trip.



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