Field Trip to Umm Al Emarat Park

Journeys and site seeing are good for the physical, mental, social and emotional development of the kids. In order to reinforce experiential and contextual learning and to enhance classroom learning by making real world connections and to expose children to different lifestyles, places and eras, The Model School conducts field trips for our students every year. Keeping this system, the students of KG 2 were taken on a field trip to Umm Al Emarat Park on 18/01/2020 . The trip was a new experience for the kids and they were excited, enthusiastic and full of energy.


The trip was planned as an extended outdoor activity to enrich the child’s knowledge and curiosity as our support to theme-based learning which the children are enjoying currently. Children were over whelmed with the artistic work, greenery, peace and serenity inside the park. They also relished and enjoyed their breakfast with their friends inside the park.

They enjoyed themselves in the interactive play area where they explored and let their imagination run wild. The children got to see and learn more about desert and native plants and various plant species from Latin America, Africa, Australia and the United States in the botanic garden. They were also thrilled to see the organic farm with vegetables like tomatoes, radish and spinach etc.

The children also learned about preservation of species in the Shade House where 30 plant species thrive in temperature-controlled environment. The children got a great opportunity to interact with their favorite animals like horses, camels, goats, rabbits etc. in the animal barn.

It was a pleasure for the teachers to see the enthusiasm in their children and shared the knowledge about different types of plants and trees, their adaptation, the climatic conditions and the importance of growing and preserving them for future.

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