KG Section (Morning Shift) Celebrates 48th UAE National Day

The objective of celebrating the UAE National Day in schools is to inculcate patriotism and a sense of responsibility into the young minds of the students, who are the future citizens of the country, who will pave the way of development of the nation. The UAE National Day marks the formation of the federation. The 48th UAE National Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and splendor at The Model School, on 4th December, 2019 by the tiny tots. Classrooms and the school premises were decorated with balloons, posters and streamers to mark the joyous occasion. The students participated actively in a day long activities.

A grand assembly was organized by the kindergarten students which was indeed a visual treat and made the day even more
memorable and remarkable. The day began by seeking the blessings of the Almighty through Quran recitation by Faiza Jamal of KG 2-C followed by a prayer delivered by Simra Anwar of KG 2-I.

The event was filled with colourful dances by the rising stars of KG 1 and KG 2 with the theme of showcasing their love for the UAE and exhibiting the vibrant cultural dances of the same. The whole atmosphere was enlightened by a splendorous dance performance by the kids of KG 2 on the Arabic song, “Ya Watan”. The costumes along with the accessories complemented to the traditional attire of the Emiratis as the boys were dressed up in Khandura with Dishtasha and performed the ayala stick dance while the girls grooved to the beats of traditional Arabic music.  The celebrations provided an opportunity for the children to express their dedication and devotion towards the UAE, by understanding its culture and the national identity. The message of the entire assembly was a deep sense of unity and respect for the nation.

To mark this auspicious occasion, all the students along with the staff wore theme coordinated attires which were either UAE flag color dresses or traditional dresses of the Emiratis. The activity was organized with an objective to understand the culture and tradition of the UAE by analyzing the development and history of the country. The students were given a visual presentation of the culture and development of the UAE with the help of audio visual aids. The tiny tots learnt an important lesson that as a citizen of the UAE, it is our responsibility to keep the country clean, follow the rules and regulations of the government, and instill a feeling of patriotism in oneself.

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